Reconciliation & arbitration

Contributing to reconciliation in matters of:

  • Family matters muscles, legacies, disobedience, etc.
  • Marital matters visit, custody, alimony, etc.
  • Criminal matters theft, physical assault, exposure, etc.
  • Financial matters debts, non-performance of obligations, disputes between lessee and lessor etc.
  • Issues between the worker and the employer delaying salaries, holding documents and documents, refrain from giving annual leave.

Arbitration, whether local or international, with experience in the field of negotiation and mediation, and includes areas of arbitration:

  • Civil and commercial litigation.
  • Real estate disputes.
  • Financial, banking and financing disputes.
  • Disputes that arise with the management bodies.
  • Tax disputes.
  • Labor disputes.
  • Intellectual Property Protection Disputes.

Booking and execution:

Include the forced execution of all debts and financial receivables resulting from:

  • Commercial papers check, bill of exchange, bill of lading.
  • Resultant receivables: Judgments obtained by law, documented contracts and other executive bonds.
  • Financial summaries in the government departments in implementation before the competent administrative authorities.