The Group undertakes all documentation of contracts and declarations in:

  • Issuing, revoking and revoking official agencies accredited to ordinary persons, companies and institutions.
  • Real estate sale contracts. To be limited to instruments issued by the notary public electronic property systems
  • Contracts for the rental of real estate and movables.
  • Contracts for the establishment of companies, and annexes to the amendment, and decisions of those who are competent.
  • All other contracts.

Establishment, organization, registration and liquidation of companies:

The Group shall terminate and extract all approvals, licenses, commercial records, establishment of companies and the introduction of commercial agencies for investment companies within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, from the General Authority for Investment and related entities, to non-Saudi investors, individuals or companies wishing to invest in the Kingdom from Arab and foreign investors from all parts of the world, In various areas of investment.

Division of Estate:

The Group shall take all necessary measures and procedures to liquidate the estates and distribute them to their beneficiaries, in accordance with the Shari'ah, including: 1- Disputes between heirs. 2. Proof of the will. 3 - Preparing the leftovers. 4 - inventory the legacy, and the heirs. 5 - proving the waiver of the quorum. 6 - a claim to divide the estate. 7. Documentation of inheritance division.